Miracles Happen at End Range

In writing about my approach towards therapy, rehab and training I would like to start out with a disclaimer. I do not claim that this is the holy grail of treatment and training approaches. It is based on years of clincal and informational research experience. What this mean simply is that through years of practice and exposure to research done by others I have developed what I feel is a useful and scientifically sound approach towards these three elements.

1: Technique

This is the application of mechanical forces either applied to (passive) or patient performed (active) to the human frame and extremities. The purpose of either passive or active forces is to assist in the normalization of function. An example of typical Chiropractic manipulation is a high velocity manipulation to the spine that induces movement. Its purpose may be reduction in pain, restoration in movement, stretching adhesions, neurological stimulation among many other. This is just one example of various passive mechanical imputs into the human body by a practitioner. All forces increase movement around an axis of rotation. It is these axis's of rotation that are lost with injury, disease or aging. It is the restoration of mobility around these axis's of rotation that the practitioner is attemping to achieve with passive manipulation or adjusting. 

Vector technique prinipal #1

Apply low velocity forces as a first option. Low velocity forces include end range joint, fascia or tissue mobilization without cavitaion forces or an audible popping sound. Generally the theory is that the lower the force induced into the body the safer it is. It is also from my experience very effective in that stretching tissue at end range slowly creates an enviroment of tissue and neurological change very  different  than higher velocity mobilization( tradidional Chiropractic). It is my experience that often I have longer lasting results from low velocity tissue mobilization vs high. If a patient has had excellent results from high velocity manipulation with another Chiropractor I will often then use this teqchnique due to its proven track record in the patient history.