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Principals of my practice

The purpose of this article is to help my patients understand what it is I do and how I approach each condition. First, it is essential to know that no two spinal conditions are alike. I use my best judgment based on what treatment method will work best for each circumstance.

A priori
First, do no harm. 
In every case, this is my priority. I choose treatment approaches with the lowest risk as a priority, but they must also be effective.

Second, help my patients help themselves as much as possible. One of the most critical healing aspects is the "internal locus of control." You, the patient, feel in control of your healing journey. This is why I constantly teach patients how to treat themselves. Modern health care is consumed with the doctor-centered care model. I want you to be self-empowered. 

The third is to treat the cause of your disorder if possible. Inflammation and pain do not happen without reason. Mechanical stress, muscle imbalance, poor tissue health, poor lifestyle, injuries all play a role. Treating just the symptom does not treat the cause. 

Chiropractic  Means "Hand practice" or "practice with one hand." It is described as an "art, science, and philosophy. "

Art is the method of application. It should have elements of beauty and symmetry. 
Science is the foundation of being reproducible under scrutiny or examination.
Philosophy is the premise that healing comes from innate wisdom and that the doctor's role is to work with that wisdom for self-healing.

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