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Exercise/ Rehab equipement & supplies

The Neck Flex is a unique device to assist with exercises that faciliate head rotation. This motion is very useful in shoulder function and I use the motion to strengthen the posterior crossover linkage that is missed in most exercise/ rehab programs. In the image below you will note the crossover fibers for neck shoulder and how they move in the gait motion. The stronger this motion the better the shoulder function. 

rocker board.jpg

The first step in movement retraining, the Uniplane Rocker board offers sensory motor challenges in one plane of motion.

Provides sensorimotor challenges in one plane. This rocker board restricts lateral movement, making the Uniplane rocker the first step in movement retraining. Also useful for lower-quarter rehabilitation.

All-wood construction with non-slip strips. Measures 15" L x 13.5" W x 3.5" H. 

Maximum angle of 34 degrees. Supports up to 400 pounds.

wobble board.jpg

The second phase of movement retraining, the Wooden Wobble board introduces multi-planar movement for an increased sensory motor challenge.

Progressive sensorimotor challenge is introduced with the Wooden Wobble. This balance board requires greater control and increases neuromuscular challenge. Useful for increasing lower quarter strength, flexibility and coordination.

Durable wooden platform with non-slip strips and wooden hemisphere base. Measures 16.5" dia. x 3.5" H. 

Maximum 25 degree angle. Supports up to 400 pounds.

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